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Spherical Graphite

Spherical Graphite

It is dense Spherical Graphite that is occurred in Spherical Graphite cast iron produced by treating with magnesium and others.  It is the Graphite processed mainly Flake Graphite into spherical by machine.  Spherical Graphite is produced from plate-shaped Flake Graphite.   Compared to Flake Graphite, it has a higher bulk density, a smaller specific surface area value, and a smaller amount of oil absorption, in addition, it has anisotropic conduction and heat dissipation since it is spherical.

Main Applications

Anode Materials for Secondary Batteries

Resin Fillers

Filler materials for rubber or resins

List of Spherical Graphite

Product NameFC (Fixed Carbon)ASHVM (Volatile Matter)MO (Moisture)Granularity (Opening)Average Particle Diameter (μm)
PTG-799.9% or more0.1% or less1% or less7
PTG-1599.9% or more0.1% or less1% or less15
PTG-2099.9% or more0.1% or less1% or less20