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Applications of Graphite

Brake Pads

It is used for brake pads of automobiles, motorcycles, agricultural machines, etc.
It has functions of suppressing the phenomenon of brake squeals and mitigating the impact during sudden braking.  It also has functions of withstanding frictional heat and dissipating heat.


It is used for positive electrodes and negative electrodes.  For negative electrodes, Graphite is used in lithium-ion batteries which are currently attracting attentions, and Graphite has become indispensable.  It is also used as electrodes material for fuel cells, the electrical conductivity of Graphite plays a major role.

Oil Seals

It prevents the lubricating oil and water used in mechanical products from leaking through the gaps in machine, at the same time it prevents dust or earth and sand entering from outside.  It is also used in automobiles, aircraft, and home appliances.  The lubricity and heat resistance of Graphite are utilized.


By mixing Graphite with other materials, it improves the conductivity and is used in conductive paints for automobiles and others.

Welding Rods

By using about 10% Graphite of the whole, chemical resistance is utilized to prevent chemical reaction (oxidation) during use.

Lubricating oils

It is used in lubricating oils for automobiles and agricultural machinery, as the name implies, it utilizes the lubricity of Graphite.  It also has a function of antioxidant.


It is an application that is currently being researched in various fields.
Research is advanced to improve heat resistance, heat dissipation, and conductivity by mixing Graphite with resin.
It is actually used in packing of refrigerators or in plastic parts of mobile phones.

Refractory Materials

It has been used for many years by taking advantage of the excellent heat resistance of Graphite and the extremely small coefficient of expansion.


Among the Graphite, there is chemically treated Graphite called Expandable Graphite, and it expands about 100 to 400 times when heat is applied.  Taking advantage of this property, many flame-retardant products have been developed using Expandable Graphite.  In case of fire, flame-retardant materials absorb heat and swell, and play a role in preventing the spread of fire and intrusion of smoke.  In addition, Expandable Graphite being used is a non-halogen material, and it is attracting attentions as filler materials with less environmental impact.

Application Quick Chart

Expandable GraphiteExpanded GraphiteFlake GraphiteSpherical GraphiteVein GraphiteAmorphous GraphiteSynthetic GraphiteCoke
Battery Conductive Material
Secondary Battery Negative Electrode Material
Powder Metallurgy
Friction Material
Pencil Lead
Resin Filler