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Synthetic Graphite

About Synthetic Graphite

There is no manufacturer in Japan to aim to produce only Synthetic Graphite Powder particularly, but it is produced by grinding and processing Synthetic Graphite Electrodes as a raw material.  In this case, it should be payed attention to Carborundum which is attached on the surface of Synthetic Graphite Electrodes during the manufacturing process.  It must be removed, because the lubricity is significantly inhibited if it is mixed into the products.  However, it is a struggle to remove them.  The grade of Synthetic Graphite is generally high at about 0.5% ash, 0.5% volatile, 99% fixed carbon, and 0.02% total sulfur, but its fire resistance and lubricity are inferior to those of Natural Graphite.  The manufacturing process for Synthetic Graphite Electrodes is as follows; Pitch and tar are added to the main raw material oil coke, heated, kneaded, molded, and fired at 1,000 to 1,200 degrees (primary firing).  Then, it is fired in a graphite-moderated reactor at a temperature of 2,800 to 3,000 degrees, and it is graphitized to form electrodes.

Main Applications

Carbon Brushes

Carburizing Materials for Casting

Welding Rods

Gouging Carbon

Dry Cell Batteries

Reducing agents

Rubber Resins

Friction Materials for Brake Pads, etc.

The Reason Why Graphite is Used for Carbon Brushes

Graphite has the following properties.  It having a good conduct of electricity, a low coefficient of friction and high heat resistance, is a hexagonal crystal, and an intercalation compound in which each is bonded by weak intermolecular forces, Van der Waals force.  The material properties required for carbon brushes are that they have low frictional force on high-speed rotating (moving) bodies, receive and supply a large amount of electric current, and withstand heat generation and oxidation.  These properties are exactly the same as the properties required by carbon brushes and this is the reason why Graphite is used in carbon brushes.

Carbon Brushes for Automobile Electrical Equipment

  • Electric Power Steering
  • Fuel Injection Pumps
  • Wipers
  • Power Windows
  • Throttle Control (ETC)
  • ABS (Anti-lock Braking System)
  • Motor Drives for Door Mirrors, etc

Carbon Brushes for Power Tools

  • Circular Saws
  • Electric Drills
  • Grinders
  • Impact drivers
  • Motor Drives for Electric Drivers, etc.

Carbon Brushes for Cleaners

  • Household Vacuum Cleaner Motors, etc.

Carbon Brushes for Micro Motors

  • Dryers
  • Electric Tooth Blushes
  • Juicer Mixers
  • Computers
  • Digital Cameras
  • Printers
  • Vending Machines, etc.

Carbon Brushes for Slip Rings

  • Ferris Wheels
  • Wind Power Generators
  • Auto Reels, etc.

Flake Graphite <Application example>

  • ACG, MF Series => General Carbon Brushes for Automobiles, Carbon Brushes for Home Appliances

Vein Graphite <Application example>

  • SV, KV, BV Series => General Carbon Brushes for Automobiles

Synthetic Graphite <Application example>

  • SRN Series => Home Appliance Brushes, Cleaners, Power Tools

Expanded Graphite <Application example>

  • AED Series => Starter for Idling Stop, Alternator

List of Synthetic Graphite

Product NameFC (Fixed Carbon)ASHVM (Volatile Matter)MO (Moisture)Granularity (Opening)Average Particle Diameter (μm)
KN97.5% or more1% or less1.5% or less1% or less9
G7098.5% or more1% or less0.5% or less1% or less66±5
E10098.5% or more1% or less0.5% or less1% or less38
SF-CH98.5% or more1% or less0.5% or less1% or less10-30
SRN-10N99% or more1% or less0.1% or less-45μm 99%10
SRN-10F99% or more1% or less0.2% or less-45μm 99%10
SRN-10J99% or more1% or less0.2% or less10
SRN-25J99% or more1% or less0.2% or less25
SRN-30J99% or more1% or less0.2% or less30
SRN-45J99% or more1% or less0.2% or less45
SRN-60J99% or more1% or less0.2% or less60
SSG-3099% or more1% or less0.1% or less-500+106μm 90%
SSG-8099% or more1% or less0.1% or less-1000+180μm 90%
SSG-5099% or more1% or less0.1% or less-2000+500μm 90%
SSG-5L98% or more1% or less1% or less0.3-0.5m/m: 80±10%
SF-195% or more3% or less2% or less1% or less35
CI-598% or more1% or less1% or less1% or less1000-0.5mm: 80%
CI-198% or more1% or less1% or less1% or less-0.5mm: 80%
Synthetic Graphite 0.5-5mm98% or more1% or less1% or less1% or less0.5-5mm: 80%
Synthetic Graphite 0-3mm98% or more1% or less1% or less1% or less-3mm: 80%
Synthetic Graphite 3-10mm98% or more1% or less1% or less1% or less3-10mm: 80%
Synthetic Graphite 10-20mm98% or more1% or less1% or less1% or less10-20mm: 80%