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Expandable Graphite

About Expandable Graphite

Graphite in which acid is intercalated between layers of Flake Graphite is called Expandable Graphite. The acid intercalated between the layers is vaporized from the liquid when exposed to heat.  At this time, it expands by pushing the adjacent graphite layers apart, and the volume becomes 200 times or more.  It is compounded in resin or putty utilizing this property, in case of fire, it receives heat and expands, and plays a role in preventing the spread of the fire and the smoke.  In addition, Expanded Graphite is non-halogen and an environmentally friendly material.

Main Applications

Fireproofing Agents for Piping of Air Conditioners

Flame Retardant Materials for Construction

Penetrating Materials for Water Supply and Discharge of Fire Protection Compartments

Ducting or Electrical Wiring for Air Conditioning Equipment

Fluxes for Steelmaking (Antioxidant Material)

Development of Expandable Graphite

Originally, Expandable Graphite was mainly used as a flux for steelmaking.  However, new applications are increasing in recent years.  Among them, “Applications of Flame Retardant” are increasing, and it is necessary to produce different grades of Expanded Graphite.  In cooperation with our Qingdao factory in China, we currently produce more than 30 grades and support production, made-to-order, according to each customer’s request.

List of Expandable Graphite

Product NameFC (Fixed Carbon)ASHExpansion Ratio (cc/g)Expansion Start Temperature (˚C)GranularityPH
EXP-50S120K95% or more5.020012050mesh 75%6-8
EXP-50S120N95% or more5.025012050mesh 75%6-8
EXP-50S15095% or more5.025012050mesh 75%6-8

Expandable Graphite (Representative Products)

Product NameFC (Fixed Carbon)ASHExpansion Ratio (cc/g)Expansion Start Temperature (˚C)GranularityPH
EXP-50S30095% or more5.0180300+50mesh75%6-8
EXP-50KK95% or more5.0200260-280+50mesh 75%6-8
EXP-50HO95% or more5.0200220+50mesh 75%6-8
EXP-80S22099% or more1.0200220+80mesh 75%6-8
EXP-50SL98% or more2.0300200+50mesh 75%6-8
EXP-150S95% or more5.050200-220-150mesh 60%6-8
EXP-200S95% or more5.030-50200-220-200mesh 60%6-8
EXP-50S98% or more2.0250170-200+50mesh 75%6-8
EXP-80S98% or more2.0200180+80mesh 75%6-8
EXP-100S95% or more5.0130180-100mesh 60%6-8
EXP-32S16095% or more5.0400160+50mesh 75%6-8
EXP-50S16098% or more2.0300160+50mesh 75%6-8

* The expansion start temperature can be adjusted in steps of 10˚C.  (160˚C, 170˚C, 180˚C, 190˚C, 200˚C, 210˚C, 220˚C)
* FC and Expansion Ratio can also be adjusted.