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Message from CEO

Valuing the attitude of walking together,
We are a long-established innovation company that keeps challenging positively.

Graphite Manufacturing for 70 years.  Making products that meet the expectations.

Fuji Graphite Works Co., Ltd. was founded in 1949, just after the war.

In Seijo where the rural scenery was still widespread at that time, my grandfather, Shoichi Sugawara, took a strong mind to establish the company Toa Graphite Industry Co., Ltd.  Started sales business of graphite for castings and materials for casting.

Since then, we have been striving to provide graphite products that meet diverse needs of our customers utilizing our achievements and experience over the 70 years.

We work hard with the staff who has the spirit of challenge.

Our value is “the attitude of walking together.”

In order to provide our customers with products that meet their needs, our motto is “Let’s just get moving.”  We are very pleased when we are able to proactively tackle challenging projects and provide products that satisfy our customers.

The company has an environment that we respect each individual’s opinion regardless of age or work history.  In an open atmosphere, employees are free to demonstrate their individual abilities and engaged in the job positively.  Our careful attitude toward work has led to high praise and trust from our customers, and we have grown from a small family-owned company to a company with an average age of 38 and more than 20 people including subsidiaries.

To the new innovations utilizing our experience and achievements.

As a graphite manufacturer, we have steadily accumulated experience for many years.  Currently, we are developing ambitiously new genres and markets utilizing the experience.  Through joint development and research with universities and companies, and conclusion of partnership with Asian companies, we are actively working to develop environmentally friendly products for a sustainable society.

In order to survive in a rapidly changing era, it is necessary not to be satisfied with the current technology and it is always necessary to take on challenges.  Fuji Graphite Works Co., Ltd. will continue to evolve as a “long-established innovation company” that creates new ideas and values based on our experience of more than 70 years.

Providing valuable products and detailed services to our customers.

Providing the environment where employees can fully demonstrate their abilities and reward their efforts.

Our mission is to take on boldly challenges our business with the aim of making everyone prosperous and happy.  Please just contact us how any small matter.  We will be always positive and never give up, and continue to manufacture products that please our customers.

Fuji Graphite Works Co., Ltd.
Takeshi Sugawara